Get Reloaded Using a New MP3 Catalog Software!

Are you trying to organize your music collection? But your efforts fall pitifully flat? Stop wasting your time and getting angry every time you try to find one of your favourite sound tracks. Music should make you happy - not worry! If you're facing this problem, then the new MP3 catalog is exactly what you need! Brand-new All My Music catalog is here to help you! It's a really versatile tool for all music fans!

How to add MP3 files to your collection

Adding files is very easy and fun! You don't have to enter any info, vice versa - all you need to do is to enter the song title. All the left will be done by the program - the program gets access to some popular music databases and all the info concerning the track - I mean the singer, the composer, songwriter, date of release, etc is picked up automatically into the music card! So, it's has hardly ever been more convenient than using the MP3 catalog - no manual efforts, no time wasting - but lots of info in seconds in front of you! Like in a fairy-tale!

A perfect MP3 cataloging solution for every music lover...

How All My Music looks

Well, once having installed the MP3 catalog, you're welcome to customize it to the maximum! Try various view modes, templates available for music cards, choose whether you like big covers or smaller ones, choose colours, skins, add personal marks and flags and make your collection individual.

How All My Music makes your life easier

Using All My Music you get a number of really tasty options. You are able to sort or group your collection by any criterion, view the statistics any moment or use quick filters and filter your collection just in seconds! Advanced search options will allow you not to get lost in your 50 000+ MP3 tracks collection. Create your play lists, add nice album covers and just have a lot of fun with the MP3 catalog.

Do you often lend CDs to friends?

I bet you've lost them not once! All My Music will help you to avoid losing your CDs due to built in loan manager - this reliable and helpful assistant is sure to remind you when your CD is going to be back. So, with this MP3 catalog any moment you have a full picture of which CDs are not at home and where they are on a visit.

Print your collection with All My Music

Being a sophisticated MP3 catalog, All My Music also allows you to print your music collection. Doing that, you're welcome to choose which fields you need there and which mode to select. So, for you it'll be enough just to throw a look at it and which songs you've got and which one you would like to have!

Don't think too long - you've got 30 days when you can try the MP3 catalog for free. Jump at the chance!